Furniture Removal and House Clearance Service in Glasgow

Are you looking for a company to vacate your home due to a move, house sale, or emigration? Look no further because Housing Clearance Glasgow will empty your home quickly and neatly. Also, for business premises, rooms, retirement homes, and nursing homes.

A house eviction is a tough and often underestimated job that most people could use help with. How am I going to handle that lugging? Which items do we keep and which have become obsolete? Where do I leave those (large) items that have to be thrown away?

Total package

Housing Clearance Glasgow offers you a total package for clearing your home:

  • We deliver the house completely empty and broom clean, in accordance with the requirements of a housing association, nursing home, landlord, or sales broker.
  • We offer the best-in-quality Furniture Removal Glasgow
  • If you want to get rid of things, you can contact us for the purchase of goods. In some cases, it is even possible to do the evacuation for free!
  • We bring unnecessary but still usable items to a charity for reuse.
  • We dispose of leftover waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • We can carry out all kinds of repair work, such as removing glued floor covering or closing holes in walls and ceilings.
  • We can also carry out cleaning activities, such as degreasing a kitchen or descaling a bathroom.
  • We can use our own moving lift with a reach of up to 10 floors.
  • We can provide storage facilities Glasgow for your belongings.

If, after an eviction, you do not know what to do with certain items, or if, for example, there is some time between the delivery of your old home or business space and the key transfer of your new home or business space, we offer you the option of temporarily storing your household effects. store with our storage facilities Glasgow.

It is also possible to store household effects with us if, for example, not all the family of the deceased has been identified and you want to offer the next of kin the opportunity to choose something from the household effects. This happens regularly.

Multiple storage locations

Housing Clearance Glasgow has several storage locations, in different sizes and available for short or longer periods, depending on your personal needs. When it is clear how many items and for how long, we can offer you a price. This is per cubic meter. A big advantage is that we can pick up your belongings with our trucks and deliver them back at the time you want. Your belongings are safe, dry, and insured. And you always have access to your belongings.

When you make an appointment with us, we can empty your house within a week, if desired even within one day. We would like to visit you first for a good estimate of the costs.

We always deliver rooms broom clean, fully in accordance with the requirements of the housing association, landlord, broker, or nursing home. During evictions or relocations, we can carry out all kinds of repair work, such as repairing holes in walls or removing wallpaper and floor covering.

as a top-class Furniture Removal Glasgow, we can also take over furniture and other items that you might want to get rid of. We give a fair price for this. We bring less beautiful but still usable furniture to charities for reuse. If any waste remains, it is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Residential Clearance Glasgow has been known for many years as fast, neat, professional, and reliable. So, you can count on us!

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